Monday, June 29, 2020


Saving money seems like a daunting task. Simply placing money in the bank yields a very small return of interest to make up for the loss from inflation.  To save money for retirement one must place their savings into equities. It is normal for people to allow their employer to take care of this for them. A certain percentage of ones pay goes into a 401K investment plan. Often the employer will match a percentage of the employee’s contribution to encourage participation. Investment has become a major industry. For the average person this entire process appears to be mysterious. The employee receives a statement four times a year. The statement shows the individual the value of their investment. A description of overall investments is also on the statement. As an employee, I too participated in investing in an employer sponsored 401K plan. I only cared for the bottom-line monetary value each quarter. The rest of the quarterly statement found its way into the waste basket. I remember the arbitrary nature of the stock market with its financial cycles of boom and bust. One quarter my investments were doing well than along came another quarter where I would lose thousands of dollars. As a software engineer, I began to wonder if I could write a computer program that could do a better job of investing my money. This is precisely what I have done. To see the results, look at my web site

The investment strategy I have adopted is to purchase around 1,500 dollars’ worth of equity a week. In this way, I do not worry about when the market is best suited for buying opportunities. I invest money slowly. I buy around 500 dollars’ worth of an individual equity at a time. That means that each week I invest in the equity of three different companies. I become highly diversified just like a mutual fund. There are times when I slow my purchasing down and do not buy anything. The market may be in a slump. My computer investment software monitors the overall health of the market and makes this decision for me. Another thing my software does is determines when to sell stock. Order suggestions to buy or sell equities are on my web site To use the investment strategy, one must start being frugal and save money. Instead of keeping your savings in a bank, you just deposit money into an online broker account. Then you can start purchasing stocks using the web site  I have been applying this strategy for almost twenty years. What will start to happen is you will accumulate equity investments. After a year or two, you will have stocks also sell during the markets peek time. Now you will have extra cash in your broker account due to profit taking. You can either reinvest this money or withdraw it to spend. This investment strategy guarantees an effortless way for one to have spare cash in case of emergencies.

You can also invest with a 401k account. One can roll money over from an existing employee 401k. The money from the 401k account would use the same investment strategy. Only around 1,500 dollars would be invested a week. By now, the savings in the cash account would have accumulated. There is cash when needed. One should keep savings in mind. The money can be withdrawn as spending money. On the other hand, the money can go to a bank certificate of deposit. While the return is low so is the risk. This can easily be done through one’s online broker account. When the bank certificate of deposit reaches maturity, the money can be invested back into stocks. Or the money can transferred to a 401k investment account. This money will not be withdrawn until retirement. In this way one can build up their retirement savings. One starts off by depositing saved money into a cash investment account. After several years one will have an accumulation of cash due to the sale of stocks. The access cash in the cash investment account can be withdrawn and reinvested in certificates of deposits. When these certificates of deposits mature then the money can be deposited into a 401k investment account. After several years there will be an abundance of cash in the 401k investment account. Instead of reinvesting the money into equities one can also invest in bonds. The 401k investment account can have both equity and bond investments. In this way one does not place all their savings into the stock market. Also, one will always have cash available when needed. The cash can come from the selling of stocks or from the maturing of a certificate of deposit. This investment system relies on continual deposits into the stock market. The system also has a method of cashing in on market peeks so there is always an availability of cash. Free financial advice on equity buy and sell orders are provided by my web site

My goal with the web site is to provide a way for the small-time investor to purchase equities. My personal goal was to figure out a way to invest my money without the use of a mutual fund. I wanted to automate the decision process, so I could make small investments quickly. I also wanted a method of backing out of the market at peak performance times. This process too would be automated. The results of these efforts can be seen in my web site I have been doing this for almost twenty years. My web site is updated every Friday. If you have any questions you can contact me by email on my web site.

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