Thursday, August 20, 2020


This article will examine individual companies targeted by the investment strategy used by my website When buying equities, I try and maintain a diversified portfolio. In this way my assets are spread out into all aspects of the economy. The purpose of this article is to review certain categories of industries I am now invested in. I will now focus on food, retail, capital/consumer goods, and marketing. Many of the stores and products I will mention here will sound familiar. These are companies that many of you do business with. One way of looking at this investment strategy is that by owning equities in companies you do business with allows you to spend money on your own investments.   

I have invested in consumer products and the food industry. Stock in the two companies listed below have been sold for a profit.  PepsiCo(PEP) operates Pepsi Bottling, Frito-Lay, and Quaker Foods. The beverages products include Pepsi-Cola, Gatorade, and Tropicana. Snack foods include Doritos and Ruffles. The Hershey Company(HSY) is a large well-known chocolate manufacturing company with its headquarters in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Hershey produces candy brands like Reese’s and Kit Kat bars. Hershey has purchased the low-calorie chocolate maker Lily’s in order to expand its products into healthier foods. I still own stock in the food producing companies listed below. Kellogg Company(K) is a large cereal, convenience food company. Its products include Keebler, Pringles, Pop-Tarts, Eggo, and Nutri-Grain. I have owned stock in this company since 2017. Kellogg holds its value by paying good dividends. I have recently bought stock in Lamb Weston Holdings(LW). This company is a producer and marketer of potato products and is also a major supplier of French fries to McDonalds.  

I have owned stock in companies involved with retail, marketing, and other things. Dicks Sporting Goods Inc(DKS) is a large sporting goods retailer with over seven hundred stores across the country. This investment comes close to holding its equity value if dividends are considered. The rest of the companies listed below have been disappointing. Shutterstock Inc(SSTK) produces commercial digital content that can be images or music. The content can be used in Web-sites or publications. While still owning stock in Shutterstock, I have sold stock in this company for a loss. Target corporation(TGT) is a large discount store company with stores throughout the United States and Canada. This company is expanding its collaboration with Apple which makes Target a good source for Apple products. Advanced Auto Parts Inc(AAP) is a large retailer of auto parts and accessories. Yelp Inc(YELP) has a Web site and mobile app that provides information on local businesses. Users can write reviews on businesses like restaurants and retailers.   GameStop Corporation(GME) is a retailer that sells video game hardware, software, and consumer electronics. I have sold stock in this company for a loss.    

I will continue to provide updates on these stocks into the future up to the point of sale. The next article I write describing individual stocks will cover industries in a different category. Over time I will cover all the individual equities I own. And I will also provide updates charting the progress of these individual equities. I provide the ticket symbol for every equity I mention. In this way you can check the individual stock on a financial website. You can also go to my website and look the stock up in the portfolio section. The purpose of these articles is to convey the progress of each individual stock. In doing this I hope to convey the importance of maintaining a consistent investment strategy. I don’t just sell out of reaction to bad news in the market. My strategy aims to hold on to stocks for the long-term investment.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Saving money requires discipline.  One must be willing to budget their money to cover essentials and put aside the rest.  This often is difficult. One works hard, takes out student loans for education, and accumulates bills. When one finally does obtain a well-paying profession, there is an understandable temptation to finally enjoy the fruits of hard work and success. Who wants to stay at the same standard of living for years just to pay off student loans? I have developed an investment strategy that requires a couple years of devoted savings. But once this initial capital investment is made profit taking will continue the strategy. One can use the profits from the sale of equities for reinvestment. The strategy can be found on my web site This web site gives instructions on what equities to buy or sell.  The amount invested in is gradual. No more than $1,500 is invested a week. When stocks gain in value my web site also instructs in what stop-losses to set. A stop- loss is a request to sell a stock if the price drops to the stop-loss price. When the stop-loss is higher than the original purchase price money is made. The equities sold can be reinvested. In this way one can continue using this investment strategy without having to increase their savings capital. You still need to save money, but the amount of savings required for investment continues to become less and less.

To get started using the web site you must choose an online broker.  Then you need to save some money. One could start with a couple thousand, but a good recommendation would be to open your new online brokerage account with an initial investment of $10,000. It is like opening a bank savings account. This is your money. You can withdraw money any time you like. Now that you are ready to invest you can go to to look for stock tips. I only buy $500 worth of stock at one time. Every week I give no more than three stock buy tips out at a time. This comes out to no more than $1,500 a week. To see these tips, you must go to and click on the Current Positions tab. From here you can find the company name, company description, the ticket symbol, and the number of stock shares to buy. Use the ticket symbol and number of stock shares to make an equity purchase on your online broker. Be sure to make the order type as market. As you continue to invest you will need to continue to save money. An effective way to handle reinvestments is to make a deposit every time your cash account goes under $5,000.  

To sell stock you also click on the Current Positions tab in the web site The ticket symbol and number of shares will be shown. A stop-loss price will also be shown. Remember that we don’t directly sell stocks but instead set a stop-loss price. You may get confused about how to set up a stop-loss order. You can call your online broker. They should have help desk account representatives standing by. They will be happy to assist you. When a stop-loss order is placed in our online broker account it only stays active for a designated amount of time before it becomes cancelled. It is a good idea to set the time-in-force date to five months into the future. When a stock does well we may want to raise the stop-loss price. Just look in www.capitalistwizard to see if the stop-loss order price has gone up for an order that has already been placed. It is easy to change the order by raising the price. After following this investment strategy for a year or more you will find the need to send money to your online broker will become less frequent. Due to the selling of stock you will often have plenty of money to reinvest. Not all my equity investments make money. While my overall profit percentages are positive there are some stocks that lose money. I also place stop-loss orders to guard against excessive lost.  A stop-loss order that guards against loss doesn’t need to have the price altered at all. Once the order is placed it can be left alone.

Another way to make money through equity investment is to receive dividend payments. Many corporations award dividend payments to their stock holders. This is often done quarterly. Profits will be redistributed to the shareholders. Every share of stock will receive a certain amount of money. When this happens, you will have a dividend payment deposited into your broker account. If you look at the portfolio section of my web site, you can see dividend payments that have been received by individual stocks for the last year. Individually these dividend payments are small, but they add up. The total dividend payments I receive each month are significant.

In summary I would just like to emphasize that my investment strategy works, and it is designed for the small investor. The Portfolio page of my web site displays the percentage of gains I have made in the past year on my invested capital. I back up this claim by displaying all the individual gains or losses I make on individual investments. This article gives you the directions needed to get started. If you have any questions just click on the Free Investment Advice tab on the web site. From there you can select 3) Contact and send me a question. I will be happy to respond.

Monday, June 29, 2020


Saving money seems like a daunting task. Simply placing money in the bank yields a very small return of interest to make up for the loss from inflation.  To save money for retirement one must place their savings into equities. It is normal for people to allow their employer to take care of this for them. A certain percentage of ones pay goes into a 401K investment plan. Often the employer will match a percentage of the employee’s contribution to encourage participation. Investment has become a major industry. For the average person this entire process appears to be mysterious. The employee receives a statement four times a year. The statement shows the individual the value of their investment. A description of overall investments is also on the statement. As an employee, I too participated in investing in an employer sponsored 401K plan. I only cared for the bottom-line monetary value each quarter. The rest of the quarterly statement found its way into the waste basket. I remember the arbitrary nature of the stock market with its financial cycles of boom and bust. One quarter my investments were doing well than along came another quarter where I would lose thousands of dollars. As a software engineer, I began to wonder if I could write a computer program that could do a better job of investing my money. This is precisely what I have done. To see the results, look at my web site

The investment strategy I have adopted is to purchase around 1,500 dollars’ worth of equity a week. In this way, I do not worry about when the market is best suited for buying opportunities. I invest money slowly. I buy around 500 dollars’ worth of an individual equity at a time. That means that each week I invest in the equity of three different companies. I become highly diversified just like a mutual fund. There are times when I slow my purchasing down and do not buy anything. The market may be in a slump. My computer investment software monitors the overall health of the market and makes this decision for me. Another thing my software does is determines when to sell stock. Order suggestions to buy or sell equities are on my web site To use the investment strategy, one must start being frugal and save money. Instead of keeping your savings in a bank, you just deposit money into an online broker account. Then you can start purchasing stocks using the web site  I have been applying this strategy for almost twenty years. What will start to happen is you will accumulate equity investments. After a year or two, you will have stocks also sell during the markets peek time. Now you will have extra cash in your broker account due to profit taking. You can either reinvest this money or withdraw it to spend. This investment strategy guarantees an effortless way for one to have spare cash in case of emergencies.

You can also invest with a 401k account. One can roll money over from an existing employee 401k. The money from the 401k account would use the same investment strategy. Only around 1,500 dollars would be invested a week. By now, the savings in the cash account would have accumulated. There is cash when needed. One should keep savings in mind. The money can be withdrawn as spending money. On the other hand, the money can go to a bank certificate of deposit. While the return is low so is the risk. This can easily be done through one’s online broker account. When the bank certificate of deposit reaches maturity, the money can be invested back into stocks. Or the money can transferred to a 401k investment account. This money will not be withdrawn until retirement. In this way one can build up their retirement savings. One starts off by depositing saved money into a cash investment account. After several years one will have an accumulation of cash due to the sale of stocks. The access cash in the cash investment account can be withdrawn and reinvested in certificates of deposits. When these certificates of deposits mature then the money can be deposited into a 401k investment account. After several years there will be an abundance of cash in the 401k investment account. Instead of reinvesting the money into equities one can also invest in bonds. The 401k investment account can have both equity and bond investments. In this way one does not place all their savings into the stock market. Also, one will always have cash available when needed. The cash can come from the selling of stocks or from the maturing of a certificate of deposit. This investment system relies on continual deposits into the stock market. The system also has a method of cashing in on market peeks so there is always an availability of cash. Free financial advice on equity buy and sell orders are provided by my web site

My goal with the web site is to provide a way for the small-time investor to purchase equities. My personal goal was to figure out a way to invest my money without the use of a mutual fund. I wanted to automate the decision process, so I could make small investments quickly. I also wanted a method of backing out of the market at peak performance times. This process too would be automated. The results of these efforts can be seen in my web site I have been doing this for almost twenty years. My web site is updated every Friday. If you have any questions you can contact me by email on my web site.

Monday, June 22, 2020


To make money in the stock market one must be willing to invest for the long term.  And one must be willing to budget some money each month for investment. My investment strategy advises one to invest no more than $1,500 a week. This may be too much money for many people to put aside. Don’t be discouraged. Just look at my weekly stock suggestions. I will have no more than three equity suggestions a week. Each of these purchases will be around $500. So, you could just pick the one you like the best and only invest in $500 for a week. You can pick and choose your investment strategy. Maybe you only want to invest $1000 a month. When you go to the web site and select the Current Positions tab you will find my buy suggestions. I show the stock name, the ticket symbol, and the suggested number of shares to buy.  I also show a brief description that will explain the nature of the company’s business. You can use the ticket symbol to do personal research on an individual equity. You can do this research right from your online broker. Whatever you buy you can keep tabs of the percentage gain or loss on my web site. If you place an order at the exact same time as I do than our stock purchase prices will match. My equity buy tips are posted on the weekend. By placing the order on the weekend, you will synchronize your stock purchase with mine. The transaction will not go into effect until Monday morning with the opening of the stock market at 9:30am EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Every week I update the home page and the portfolio section of my web site On the Portfolio page I update the yearly percentage gain and date of the update. This date will be on Friday after the closing of the stock market on 4pm. The percentage gain will fluctuate from week to week. This percentage shows the profit I have received from my investments in the past year. I back this percentage up by showing my individual stocks and what percentage of gain or loss they have made. One can look at this by clicking on the portfolio tab of my web site. You should place your buy order at the same time as I do. If you do your percentage will match mine. To synchronize your order with mine you just must make sure that your order is made before the stock market opens at 9:30am the day after I place my stock tip. Both our orders will be filled at the same time, so we will both pay the same market price.

Each equity purchase in my portfolio section will show a percentage of profit or loss in the past year. This will be calculated as such. If I purchase a stock for five hundred dollars and I sell it for six hundred dollars I, make one hundred dollars profit. This will be a profit of twenty percent. But if I have only owned the stock for one month than it is justifiable to multiply the twenty percent by twelve. This is to calculate twelve months in the year. Then my return will be two hundred and forty percent. If I have owned the stock for two years than it is justifiable to multiply the twenty percent profit by .5% making my return on investment ten percent. Anytime I sell stock I calculate the percentage gain or loss. This percentage will stay the same for a year. When a year is up the percentage for the stock is no longer calculated into my total percentage. This shows an accurate view of one year’s profit. When a stock is sold the money is reinvested in another equity purchase. This purchase will be calculated into the total percentage. For stocks that are still owned the profit percentage will fluctuate from week to week.

There are two other variables that influence the profit percentage for an individual stock. One is an expense and it is the commission fee of buying and selling equities. Recently this expense has been lowered to near zero. The other variable is a profit that is distributed to the stockholder in the form of dividends. For each investment I show dividend payments received in the past year. Each month new dividend payments are recorded while the dividend payments from over a year ago are dropped. When calculating dividends into the profit percentage I figure in the dividends received in the last year and I add this percent to the overall percentage of profit due to equity value.

The investment strategy shown in the web site takes advantage of profit taking. Stocks are sold at a profit using stop-loss orders. If the stock goes up in value the stop-loss order price is raised. When the order is eventually filled, and the stock is sold then profit is guaranteed. When beginning this investment strategy, it will be necessary to continue depositing cash in one’s online broker account. After a couple years of investing one runs into a different problem. This is the problem of having too much cash on hand. With all the extra cash available due to profit taking it will become easier to have $1,500 cash available for investment each week. And one will still want to set aside savings each month for investment. But there are times when major corrections in the market will cause lots of stop-loss orders to be filled. This will leave you with lots of extra cash in your online broker account. There are three things I will list for you to do with this extra cash. You can withdraw the cash and spend it. Or you could place the cash into a secure investment in the form of bonds or certificates of deposits. This is an effective way to diversify one’s portfolio so that all your assets are not invested in equities. You can do this easily through your online broker account. The third thing you can do is deposit this money into a 401K online broker account. In this way you can continue to follow the investment strategy of the web site without having to pay taxes on the profits until retirement. You will find a great deal of flexibility in saving options. You still can use your regular cash online broker account for your children’s college fund while still setting aside retirement money in your 401K account. Both accounts will be purchasing equities. There will also be certificate of deposits or bonds reaching maturity. You will have to decide what to do with this cash. My hope is that this article makes investment seem easier.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


My goal in creating the website is to share with everyone my strategy for making and saving money. I cannot stress enough the importance of saving money. The investment strategy presented in the website will make money. To maximize profits, one must budget money for investment. In addition, one must be willing to reinvest profit. This will maximize continued profit. The money one budgets for investment does not have to be large. However, one does need to strive for consistency. One could start by setting aside one thousand dollars a month for investment. I encourage one to start saving money in a savings account before worrying about using the investment strategy in

After managing to save around five or ten thousand dollars, one is ready to open an online investment account. One can open the account with less money than I recommend. However, one really needs a substantial amount of investment capital to increase one’s odds using the investment strategy provided by I offer equity buy suggestions each week. I follow my own advice by purchasing the stock myself. By using the website everyone else is welcome to follow the same investment strategy that I use. It is not necessary to buy everything that I buy. One can choose what stocks they want to own. Each week I also post my stop loss sell orders. One is welcome to follow along with this strategy as well. This investment strategy requires one to replenish their online stockbroker account. In this way, one will be able to take advantage of continued investment suggestions. The longer this investment strategy is followed the less one needs to replenish their online broker account. This is because they will be selling stocks for profit. There will be plenty of money for investment.

People using this website will most likely already have money invested directly out of their paycheck into a 401K retirement account. However, many people also want to save more money for short-term purchasing goals. It makes sense to profit from the money you save. One can save their money using an online broker account. One can withdraw money from it anytime. One can budget their money with a plan to make a major purchase in some time in the future. When the time comes to make a purchase one just needs to stop investing and only continue with stop loss sell orders. In this way, one will have money available to withdraw. A good idea is to budget more money for savings than one thinks they will need. If one continues to save money and utilizes the strategy provided by then one will have a savings strategy that leaves them with lots of extra cash.

When one is about six months away from a planned purchase, they can stop investing. Instead they just maintenance their stop loss orders. The stop loss orders will provide cash when stocks sell during profit taking. One still may need more money and so they can look at individual stocks to sell in their online broker account. One must pay taxes to the IRS. Therefore, it is a good idea to sell stocks at a loss. This will keep capital gains down. One can look through the portfolio section of the website to find stock to sell at a loss or at minimal capital gain. Look for stocks that you have owned a long time. I usually choose stocks I bought two years ago. Also, look for stocks that show profit fewer than five percent. The stocks in your broker account should match the entries in my website. Stocks that you sell at a loss will become your friends when it comes time for filing income tax. Your reported loss will reduce your capital gain. In this way, you will get rid of less profitable stocks while still holding on to stocks that are still making money.

I have been using the same investment strategy for over ten years and I show it on the website Most of the equity purchases I invest in make money. However, not all stocks do make money. There are criteria that I use if I need cash. I sell stocks that I have owned for over two years and whose profit percentage is under five percent. I can report the loss of income on my income tax. The stocks that have a profit percentage over five percent are worth holding on to. The longer one uses this investment strategy the more money one will have to spend.  No matter what your saving goals are, this investment strategy allows both high returns along with ease of monetary liquidation. If you maintain a consistent savings strategy, you will always have cash available. I think that you will find the prospect of making and saving money can be easy when using my website