Thursday, September 17, 2015


My goal in creating the website is to share with everyone my strategy for making and saving money. I cannot stress enough the importance of saving money. The investment strategy presented in the website will make money. To maximize profits, one must budget money for investment. In addition, one must be willing to reinvest profit. This will maximize continued profit. The money one budgets for investment does not have to be large. However, one does need to strive for consistency. One could start by setting aside one thousand dollars a month for investment. I encourage one to start saving money in a savings account before worrying about using the investment strategy in

After managing to save around five or ten thousand dollars, one is ready to open an online investment account. One can open the account with less money than I recommend. However, one really needs a substantial amount of investment capital to increase one’s odds using the investment strategy provided by I offer equity buy suggestions each week. I follow my own advice by purchasing the stock myself. By using the website everyone else is welcome to follow the same investment strategy that I use. It is not necessary to buy everything that I buy. One can choose what stocks they want to own. Each week I also post my stop loss sell orders. One is welcome to follow along with this strategy as well. This investment strategy requires one to replenish their online stockbroker account. In this way, one will be able to take advantage of continued investment suggestions. The longer this investment strategy is followed the less one needs to replenish their online broker account. This is because they will be selling stocks for profit. There will be plenty of money for investment.

People using this website will most likely already have money invested directly out of their paycheck into a 401K retirement account. However, many people also want to save more money for short-term purchasing goals. It makes sense to profit from the money you save. One can save their money using an online broker account. One can withdraw money from it anytime. One can budget their money with a plan to make a major purchase in some time in the future. When the time comes to make a purchase one just needs to stop investing and only continue with stop loss sell orders. In this way, one will have money available to withdraw. A good idea is to budget more money for savings than one thinks they will need. If one continues to save money and utilizes the strategy provided by then one will have a savings strategy that leaves them with lots of extra cash.

When one is about six months away from a planned purchase, they can stop investing. Instead they just maintenance their stop loss orders. The stop loss orders will provide cash when stocks sell during profit taking. One still may need more money and so they can look at individual stocks to sell in their online broker account. One must pay taxes to the IRS. Therefore, it is a good idea to sell stocks at a loss. This will keep capital gains down. One can look through the portfolio section of the website to find stock to sell at a loss or at minimal capital gain. Look for stocks that you have owned a long time. I usually choose stocks I bought two years ago. Also, look for stocks that show profit fewer than five percent. The stocks in your broker account should match the entries in my website. Stocks that you sell at a loss will become your friends when it comes time for filing income tax. Your reported loss will reduce your capital gain. In this way, you will get rid of less profitable stocks while still holding on to stocks that are still making money.

I have been using the same investment strategy for over ten years and I show it on the website Most of the equity purchases I invest in make money. However, not all stocks do make money. There are criteria that I use if I need cash. I sell stocks that I have owned for over two years and whose profit percentage is under five percent. I can report the loss of income on my income tax. The stocks that have a profit percentage over five percent are worth holding on to. The longer one uses this investment strategy the more money one will have to spend.  No matter what your saving goals are, this investment strategy allows both high returns along with ease of monetary liquidation. If you maintain a consistent savings strategy, you will always have cash available. I think that you will find the prospect of making and saving money can be easy when using my website