Thursday, August 20, 2020


This article will examine individual companies targeted by the investment strategy used by my website When buying equities, I try to maintain a diversified portfolio. In this way, I own assets in many aspects of the economy. The purpose of this article is to review specific categories of industry. This article will focus on a variety of business categories with a large emphasis on industry. My categories include utilities, chemicals, and service.

I have had some success in these investments. Mueller Industries(MLI) is a large manufacturer of copper tube and fittings, brass and copper alloy rods, aluminum and copper impact extrusions, plastic fittings, and refrigeration valves, amongst other things.  Moody’s Corporation(MCO) provides credit rating research and also provides credit rating software to financial institutions. Moody’s Corporation is offering small business loan applicants free portal access to expedite loan processing. Automatic Data Processing(ADP) is a large business outsourcing company with services that include payroll, tax services, and human resources.  The three investments listed above have been sold for a profit. I currently own the investments listed below. Genpact Limited(G) provides business outsourcing and IT services. Services include accounting, cost management, financial planning, invoicing, and collections. Services also include analytics and data security. Its customers include banks, financial services, and insurance industries. Gartner Inc(IT) is a leading information technology research and advisory company. Cabot Microelectronics(CCMP) has developed a chemical polishing process used by semiconductor manufacturers. The three companies listed above have been good investments. Simpson Manufacturing(SSD) is one of the leading structural connector manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe operating in the residential and commercial sector. Broadridge Financial Solutions(BR) provides investor communication services and technology related solutions to the financial service industry. The two companies listed above are holding their value. Iron Mountain Incorporation(IRM) is an information services company dealing with records and documents. Iron Mountain has developed a secure cloud-based solution so companies can manage their growing volume of video data. This company is expanding its metro-connected campus in Phoenix, Arizona. Iron Mountain is involved with joint ventures with a leading India data center provider. This investment has gained equity value while also paying very good dividends. I have recently bought stock in two companies. Southern Copper Corp(SCCO) is a large producer of copper, molybdenum, zinc, and silver. The company has mining and refining facilities in Peru and Mexico. Worthington Industries(WOR) is a large steel producer, and manufacturer of metal framing and pressure cylinders.

I have lots of utility investments. Utilities stocks usually pay good dividends. I own utility stocks located throughout the USA. Chesapeake Utilities Corporation(CPK) has gas utilities in Delaware, Maryland, and Florida. The company also distributes propane. Chesapeake Utilities Corporation announced acquisition of Elkton Gas from South Jersey Industries. While some stock in Chesapeake has been sold for a profit, I still own stock in this company. Alliant Energy(LNT) supplies electricity and gas to Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. Hawaiian Electric Industries(HE) supplies electricity to the islands of Hawaii. These islands include Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Hawaii. The three investments listed above have been good investments. I have sold stock in the following two utility stocks for a loss. ONEOK Inc(OKE) owns natural gas systems connecting supply in the Mid-Continent, Permian, and Rocky Mountain regions. Portland General Electric Company(POR)  provides electric power to customers in Oregon. This coverage includes urban areas like Portland and Salem. On average, the rest of the investments listed below have come close to holding their value if dividends are included. Entergy Corporation(ETR) supplies electricity to customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and New Orleans as well as providing gas to customers in Louisiana. NiSource Inc(NI) supplies electricity and gas to the northern third of Indiana. American Electric Power (AEP) operates utilities in Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Consolidated Edison(ED) provides electricity, gas, and steam to New York City. The company also operates utilities in New Jersey. Xcel Energy(XEL) provides electricity to Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico. The company also provides gas to most of the mentioned states.  Pinnacle West Capital Corporation(PNW) is an electric utility that supplies power to most of Arizona. Atmos Energy Corporation(ATO) distributes natural gas in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Colorado, Kansas, and Kentucky. FirstEnergy Corp(FE) provides electric services to customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Maryland, & New York. FirstEnergy has recently gotten bad press due to its relationship with former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and the related bribery and racketeering investigation. Duke Energy(DUK) owns electric utilities in North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, South Carolina, Ohio, and Kentucky.

I will continue to provide updates on these stocks into the future up to the point of sale. The next article I write describing individual stocks will cover industries in a different category. Over time, I will cover all the individual equities I own. In addition, I will provide updates charting the progress of these individual equities. I provide the ticket symbol for each stock. In this way, you can check the individual stock on a financial website. You can also go to my website and look in the portfolio section. The purpose of these articles is to convey the progress of each individual stock. In doing this I hope to convey the importance of maintaining a consistent investment strategy. I do not just sell out of reaction to bad news in the market. My strategy aims to hold on to stocks for the long-term investment.

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