Tuesday, August 20, 2019

This article will examine individual companies targeted by the investment strategy used by my website capitalistwizard.com. When buying equities, I try and maintain a diversified portfolio. In this way my assets are spread out into all aspects of the economy. The purpose of this article is to review certain categories of industries I am now invested in. I will now focus on retail, capital/consumer goods, and marketing. Many of the stores and products I will mention here will sound familiar. These are companies that many of you do business with. One way of looking at this investment strategy is that by owning equities in companies you do business with allows you to spend money on your own investments. When you go to the store and buy products you are returning your money back to your own equity value.

I have some investments in consumer goods. Stock in three of these companies have been bought and sold for a profit. Systemax(SYX) is a marketer in products used in industry and technology. Diageo(DEO) is a company that produces alcoholic beverages like Smirnoff and Guinness. Diageo continues to invest in upscale tequila with its purchase of Casamigos. Pepsico(PEP) is a well-known soft drink company that also owns Frito Lay. Pepsico has partnered with Australian-owned Bundabery Brewed Drinks. This company produces one of the most popular ginger beers in California. I have sold some stock in this company for a profit. I still own shares of stock in Pepsico. I have sold stock in two companies for a loss. Hainesbrands(HBI) produces T-shirts, underwear, socks, etc. Superior Uniform Group(SGC) is a company that produces uniforms for workers in occupations such as health fields or food service. The rest the companies listed below I still own stock in. Nike, Inc(NKE) is a well-known footwear and accessory producer. Rocky Brands(RCKY) is a company that produces footwear for outdoor, work, or military use. The two companies listed above have gained equity value. V. F. Corporation(VFC) is a large well-known apparel maker that produces brands like Lee and Wrangler. This investment has not gained equity value but it does pay good dividends. This company plans to spin off its jeans business and focus on apparel and footwear. V. F. Corporation has recently acquired the footwear company Timberland. McKesson Corporation(MCK) produces care management products/services for health industry. This company has not gained equity value. 

The TJX Company(TJX) is a major off-price soft goods retailer. I have sold stock in this company for a profit. Grand Canyon Education(LOPE) is an online postsecondary education company.  This has been a good investment. CarMax(KMX) is a used car superstore franchise. This investment has gained equity value. I have bought stock in the well-known large discount store chain Target(TGT). This investment is holding its value if dividends are included. Target is dedicated to paying its employees a good pay rate. I have recently bought stock in Outfront Media(OUT). This company specializes in billboards and transit advertising. The rest of the investments listed below have been disappointing. Williams-Sonama(WSM) is a large retailer. This company has been losing money on Pottery Barn but is making a profit with its West Elm stores. The Providence Service Corporation(PRSC) provides government sponsored social services and counseling and also manages non-emergency transportation services to healthcare-related facilities. Winmark Corporation(WINA) is a retail store company specializing in high quality used merchandise. The franchises of Winmark include Plato’s Closet, Play it Again Sports, Once Upon a Child, Music Go Round, and Style Encore Brands. I have sold stock in four companies for a loss. Overstock.com(OSTK) is an online retailer website. WPP plc(WPP) is a marketing company with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.  Matthews International(MATW) is a company that specializes in Bronze, graphic imaging, and caskets. Caleres(CAL) is a large shoe retailer with its headquarters in Saint Louis, Missouri.

I will continue to provide updates on these stocks into the future up to the point of sale. The next article I write describing individual stocks will cover industries in a different category. Over time I will cover all the individual equities I own. And I will also provide updates charting the progress of these individual equities. I provide the ticket symbol for every equity I mention. In this way you can check the individual stock on a financial website. You can also go to my website capitalistwizard.com and look the stock up in the portfolio section. The purpose of these articles is to convey the progress of each individual stock. In doing this I hope to convey the importance of maintaining a consistent investment strategy. I don’t just sell out of reaction to bad news in the market. My strategy aims to hold on to stocks for the long-term investment.